About Us

Deerwalk Compware is a subsidiary of Deerwalk Group and was founded in July 2017. We are provider of IT consulting services, custom software development and IT products distributor in Nepal. We provide a full spectrum of custom software services, with a focus on web and mobile application development. Our offerings cover all stages of the software development life cycle: from business analysis, design, and prototyping to the actual development, quality assurance, and post-project maintenance and support.

Management Team

Rudra Pandey

Rudra Pandey serves as Chairman of Deerwalk Compware Ltd. a subsidiary of Deerwalk Group. Prior to founding Deerwalk Group, Rudra was the Chief Operating Officer of Verisk Health where he led all operations and research and development activities and was also responsible for providing leadership to the company’s offshore development center with over 300 software engineers. Verisk Health was established following the acquisition of D2Hawkeye by Verisk Analytics (VRSK).

He also serves as Executive Chairman of Deerwalk Inc and Chairman of Deerwalk Institute of Technology. In 2017, he received the prestigious FNCCI Gold Award (Trendsetters) in the sector of Information Technology.

Rudra holds a Bachelors degree in electronics engineering from Mehran University in Pakistan and a Ph.D. in economics from Northeastern University in Boston.

Rudra Pandey

Surendra Adhikari

Surendra N. Adhikari comes with a wealth of experience in management, process and training, working for DWIT and D2Hawkeye for several years as head of training and process. He is President of Deerwalk Compware Ltd and also serves as Campus Chief of the Deerwalk Institute of Technology to lead all the decision making processes that are focused on overall well-being of the institute and students.

Prior to joining DWIT, Surendra played a key role in making D2Hawkeye the first CMMI certified IT company in Nepal, only one of its kind in Nepal. Earlier on, Surendra worked as a Senior Engineer and researcher for the Department of Irrigation, Nepal. He also has direct teaching experience as a Civil Engineering Lecturer at the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk.

Surendra holds a B.E. in Civil Engineering from Pulchowk, IOE and a M.Sc. in Hydraulic Engineering from Holland.

Surendra Nath Adhikari


Hitesh Karki

Hitesh Karki has been associated with Deerwalk Group since last five years. Prior to joining Deerwalk, he worked as Director of Engineering at Verisk Information Technologies for 9 years working in US health care product. Before that, he worked at Mercantile Software as a developer in building locally built banking software.

He holds an MBA from Kathmandu University and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, from Ferguson College, Pune University and is currently pursuing his PhD from Kathmandu University, School of Management.

Hitesh Karki

Chief Technology Officer

Sachin Karanjit

Sachin Karanjit has been associated with Deerwalk Group since last 8 years. He leads the business development and company strategy for Deerwalk Compware and is responsible for implementing company policies and any changes to it.

Prior to Deerwalk Compware, he was Director of Services at Deerwalk Services and was responsible for overseeing and managing overall operation of Services team at Deerwalk's office in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is an experienced project manager and has worked as an SEO/SEM expert for the development, execution, and analysis of a variety of search marketing initiatives primarily focused on keyword editorial, creative and landing page optimization.

Sachin graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering and an MBA from Kathmandu University.

Sachin Karanjit

Managing Director

Charu Arjyal

Charu has been part of Deerwalk group since last 5 years. She is currently invloved with Deerwalk Compware in the role of Director of Quality Control. She has extensive hands-on experience of working and managing quality assurance aspects of various software developement projects.

Prior to Deerwalk she worked as a Data Quality Engineer in D2Hawkeye Services (now Verscend). She led a team of software quality engineers as a Business Manager during her tenure at D2Hawkeye. She later moved into role of Senior Engineering Manager at Verisk Information Technologies (now Verscend). She joined Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd. as Senior Product Manager in 2013 and then later held the position of Senior Variant Scientist for a successful Genomics project. She has also been teaching Microbiology in Tri-Chandra Multiplpe College since 2001.

She did her Bachelors of Science (B. Sc) in Microbiology from Tri Chandra Multiple College and also completed her Master of Science (M.Sc) in Microbiology from Tribhuvan University.

Charu Arjyal

Director of Quality Control

Samjhana Pokhrel

Samjhana Pokhrel joined Deerwalk Institute of Technology in 2015 and has been part of Deerwalk Group ever since. She leads Deerwalk Compware's operations in the role of Senior Operation Manager and has wide range of business and interpersonal skills to succeed. She is responsible for managing both infrastructures and personnels. She also monitors and analyzes the current system of operations at Deerwalk Compware to make sure it’s effective and works out a strategy for improving if necessary.

She also serves as Administrative and Placement officer at DWIT. She currently manages the placements for over 200 students on the BSc.CSIT program in DWIT, and all the associated tasks pre- and post-placement. She has expanded her role as an counsellor to students as well and is an integral member of DWIT's academic team.

She holds degree of Bachelor in Information Management, BIM from College of Applied Business, Tribhuvan University. She is currently pursuing her Masters in English, from IACER, Pokhara University

Samjhana Pokhrel

Senior Operations Manager