DTC-013 - Programming In PHP/MYSQL

This course consists of three levels namely, Programming in PHP/MYSQL – Level 1, Programming in PHP/MYSQL – Level 2 and Programming in PHP/MYSQL – Level 3 for people with different experience in the field of PHP/MYSQL.

About Course

PHP/MYSQL Level 1: The DTC – Programming in PHP/MYSQL – Level 1 course is targeted for beginners who want to: ▪ Learn how to think and write a meaningful piece of code in PHP/MYSQL. ▪ Learn how to read PHP/MYSQLcode that has been written by somebody else. ▪ Learn how to map literary description of a problem (requirement) to an application/library coded in PHP/MYSQL. In summary, this course teaches how to program using PHP/MYSQL programming language. This is a core basic level course that is essential for anyone who has no prior programming experience but wishes to be a professional PHP/MYSQL engineer in future PHP/MYSQL Level 2: The DTC – Programming in PHP/MYSQL – Level 2 course is targeted for trainees: ▪ Who has had some prior beginner level hands-on programming experience in PHP/MYSQL programming language. ▪ Who have programming experience in some other programming language (e.g.PHP/MYSQL, Obj-C, PHP, C, C++, etc.) and want to learn PHP/MYSQL. PHP/MYSQL Level 3: This course builds on the foundation laid by DTC – Programming in PHP/MYSQL – Level 3 to prepare trainees for a career as a PHP/MYSQL software engineer.

Start Date: 



110 hours


07:00 AM - 09:00 AM