Geographical Information System

Geographical Information System

This course will teach you what a GIS is, how to get started with the software, how to represent items in the real world on a map, how to record locations using coordinates, and how to create a two-dimensional map from a three-dimensional Earth. This course has been developed to provide you with a solid foundation in mapping and GIS, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to begin working with GIS and succeed in the other courses in this specialization. This course is for anyone interested in learning about mapping and geographic information systems (GIS). You don't need any prior experience; all you need is your curiosity!

About Course

Level 1 of the GIS course is targeted for beginners who want to learn how to think and write meaningful pieces of codes or read GIS codes written by someone else. This course teaches how to map literary description of a problem (requirement) to an application/library coded in GIS. This is a core basic level course that is essential for anyone who has no prior programming experience but wishes to be a professional GIS engineer in future. The DTC – GIS – Level 2 course is designed for students who have some prior hands-on programming experience with the GIS programming language at a beginning level. This course is ideal for people who have previously programmed in another programming language (e.g., Java, Obj-C, PHP, C, C++, etc.) and wish to learn GIS. This course is designed for high school and university students who want to do GIS coursework, including those who are already working as a professional VB.NET developer and want to switch to GIS, as well as those who have worked in the media industry since graduation or are working as a professional freelance PHP developer. Level 3 of the course expands on the DTC – GIS – Level 2 foundation and offers advanced subjects to equip learners for a career as a GIS software engineer.

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