Graphic Design

DTC-017 - Graphic Design

This course consists of a single level. It is targeted for beginners who want to get into the world of Animation.

About Course

The DTC – AutoDesk MAYA course is targeted for beginners who want to: ▪ To provide a solid understanding of the concept and usage of Autodesk Maya. ▪ To enable new users to understand the user interface and operate Autodesk Maya independently. ▪ Understand the production pipeline and workflows used in the industry. ▪ Create and manipulate 3D assets in the application Create appealing looks by using Autodesk Maya’s surfacing tools Make use of Autodesk Maya’s lighting tools to manipulate the mood of the environment. ▪ Bring 3D objects to life by using Maya’s animation tools. AutoCAD for the daily working process. ▪ Navigate throughout AutoCAD using major navigating tools. Understand the concept and techniques to draw. ▪ Create multiple designs using several tools. Create layers to control the objects’ visibility. ▪ Explain drawing using annotations. Plot or print the drawing by scale. To use constraint for certain design.

Start Date: 



110 hours


07:00 AM - 09:00 AM