SQL -2

Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server

The most popular database server is Microsoft's SQL Server, which is utilized by both large corporations and small and medium-sized organizations. This SQL course will teach you about database fundamentals and how to design a database from the bottom up. The Introductory Microsoft SQL Server Training course gives you a quick overview of the SQL Server product suite's core components, with a focus on relational databases. The core database principles covered in this course include database types, database languages, and database designs. Because this is a foundation level course, only basic computer literacy is required.

About Course

Level 1 of the course is designed for beginners who want to learn how to develop meaningful pieces of codes in Database design and implementation, as well as how to read other people's Database design and implementation codes. The course is 40 hours long and includes both lecture and lab work. Laboratory exercises are required, have a set date, and are graded. Because software programming can only be learned effectively by explicitly putting the principles that have been taught into practice, the course places a strong emphasis on lab exercises. Level 2 of the course is designed for students who have some prior hands-on programming experience with the Database Design and Implementation programming language at a beginning level. The level 2 course is also for people who wish to learn Database design and implementation but have prior programming expertise

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