Machine Learning

Data is an invaluable resource that is and will be produced by every machinery for generations, in every corner of this world. Machine learning in its simplest form, is using these infinite data sources all around you to build self-learning structures. Our journey traverses a path that covers understanding all about data sources, using python as a tool to manipulate these accumulated data and then combining it with structures, concepts and algorithms to form self-learning machines.

About Course

Machine learning is a beginner level course that makes its way through what data is, and how it can be implemented in a machine to make it intelligent and efficient. Just as how we humans learn from our past, using multiple data sources and machine learning, we can create artificially intelligent systems that learn on their own. And this course shows how you as an individual, can make that happen. By the end of this course, you will have learned: • Rudimentary to Intermediatory Concepts of Python Programming Language • Data Science and manipulation, Linear Regressions and its deep-rooted connections with how machines behave • Using Neural Networks, Numerous Algorithms, and Statistical Analysis to map and enhance machine intellect. • Build Models to understand data in a simpler form, implement natural languages, and giving web interfaces to ML using python frameworks—Flask/Django.

Start Date: 



40 hours


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM