Programming in Java

This course teaches students how to understand and construct Java applications, as well as how to get started as a Java Software Engineer. This course is divided into three phases for those with varying levels of Java experience: Programming in Java, Level 1, Programming in Java, Level 2, and Programming in Java, Level 3.

About Course

The DTC – Programming in Java – Level 1 course is for beginners who want to learn how to think about and produce meaningful Java code, as well as how to read other people's Java code. The course also teaches you how to turn a written description of a problem (requirement) into a Java application or library. This course is for anyone who has never programmed before but wants to work as a professional Java engineer in the future. The DTC – Programming in Java – Level 2 is designed for students who have some prior beginner level hands-on programming experience in the Java programming language, as well as those who have programming experience in another programming language (e.g. Java, Obj-C, PHP, C, C++, etc.) and want to learn Java. Level 3 of the Java programming language - This course builds on the foundation laid by DTC - Programming in Java – Level 2 to prepare students for a career as a Java software engineer.

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120 hours


07 : 00 AM - 09 : 00 AM

03 : 00 PM - 05 : 00 PM

06 : 00 PM - 08 : 00 PM